Construction Worker - Stuart Callan

Constructionn - Stuart Calllen

I have worked in the construction trade for twelve years having started as a labourer and progressed into bricklaying and landscaping, learning all about the business through practical, hands-on experience. For me, it’s the variety in the job that makes it fun and exciting – every project is different.

Of course, while I love my work, it’s not easy and comes with plenty of challenges, and a lot of manual labour. You never know what each job will ask from you. Some challenges are to be expected, like the good old British weather which can be especially wearing in winter. Certain types of work are impossible to carry out in the rain or snow, as ground conditions can become unworkable and solutions have to be found and implemented quickly.

With this in mind it’s important for all of us to have good quality, durable equipment to work with on a daily basis, so that at least one thing remains constant and reliable, and that’s why I work with STIHL. Without tools, 99% of jobs couldn’t be done properly. Our tools make it quicker and easier to carry out each task, at the same time keeping us safe, as long as they’re properly used of course. When it comes to everyday tasks, like digging, cutting and lifting, good tools really are vital.

That’s why I choose STIHL.

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