Landscaper - Simon Smith

Landscaper - Simon Smith

Horticulture is in my blood, having learned the trade working at my parents’ nursery before choosing to study horticulture and then arboriculture. Now I work with my two sons mowing, landscaping, logging and managing all aspects of tree and shrub work. It’s part of our lives and we all love it. Even when the weather is inclement, getting praise from the customer is good enough for us!

The job isn’t easy, as it’s physically demanding and can be made tricky by challenging weather, so using top quality, reliable tools is one way that we can make our work a little bit easier. Our tools helps us overcome a multitude of challenges. STIHL tools are powerful, but light and compact.They are worth their weight in gold! We all have the STIHL clothing too, as it’s hardwearing and very comfortable, which is vital in our line of work, and we still look smart.

We choose STIHL tools because in today’s climate we need to stand out from our competitors, which means putting time and money into the most up to date and efficient kit on the market. Plus they are easy to maintain and parts are quick to get hold of, which means less downtime for me, and that’s better for business.

That’s why I choose STIHL.

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