Farmer and Rugby Player - Tom Youngs


As far as I’m concerned I was born to play rugby and to farm. I’m a fifth generation farmer working on the farm that has been in our family since the 1920s. Our arable land in Norfolk produces various crops across two sites, including potatoes, barley and maize. I love working in this environment in the outdoors and I love the fact that I’m growing things that people need to eat.

Farming and rugby are both tough jobs that bring new challenges every day. I need to be on top of the game whenever the pressure’s on. So having the right tools for the job helps everything to run more efficiently. Numerous tools can be required on a day to day basis, so I’m never too far away from a chainsaw, brushcutter, leaf blower or hedge trimmer, to name a few. We use the chainsaw regularly to take boughs off trees to allow the machines around the fields. Plus we have log burners in the house, so the wood will be stored up under cover to dry and season.

My grandpa has a lot of STIHL gear that’s older than me! They haven’t had an easy life, but they always start and do the job. We choose STIHL because of its reliability, the machines never let you down. If a tool hasn’t been used for twelve months, it will still always start. By having good tools you can complete the job quickly and effectively, which is what you need in farming when you have a small window to get things done. We can’t afford to miss a sowing or harvesting deadline or our bottom line will suffer.

That’s why I choose STIHL.

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