Win with STIHL

Win with STIHL

There are currently no competitions. 

Recognising genuine STIHL competitions

Here at STIHL, we run competitions from time to time. However, we are aware that unscrupulous people sometimes try to impersonate STIHL, and offer fake prizes in exchange for providing personal identity information. In particular, there have been a number of fake Facebook pages set up to obtain personal data. These are NOT genuine STIHL pages and we would never ask you for ID information to claim a prize.

If you see any similar promotions or are contacted about a prize you have won, always check to see whether they are from an official source (our official social media pages will have a blue tick after the page name), and always be wary of any messages or posts that have spelling mistakes, strange wording or unusual requests, such as asking for a zipcode instead of a postcode. If in any doubt, double check before providing personal information.


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