Get Growing

What to Compost

About half your heap should be green: weeds, grass clippings, and other vegetable waste. The other half should be brown stuff like dead leaves, wood chips and prunings. Remember to layer your mix. The books say go for 20cm (8in) layers but treat that as a guideline. Once you've got the mix right, the other crucial element to making good compost is regular turning, to speed up the decomposition process.You can turn it as often as you like, watering any dry spots as you go, but once every couple of months or so is ideal.

Plant out Pumpkins

If you didn’t sow your pumpkin seeds indoors as detailed in our spring
issue then not to worry. There’s still plenty of time to get growing, just
jump to step 3. This is a great way to get the kids involved in the garden
as the large fruit is clear for all to see. Just follow the steps below and
by Halloween you’ll have your very own pumpkins to carve.
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