Caring for your lawn mower

Caring for your lawn mower

Keeping a lawn mower in good working order means more than an annual service. A few everyday steps will ensure top performance through seasons of use.

  • Follow the operating and service instructions provided.
  • Check the oil level regularly and use recommended fuel and lubricants like the VIKING SAE 30 engine oil.
  • Always disconnect the power or spark plug HT lead before working on a mower.
  • Do not allow grass residues to build up under the mower or around the cooling ribs and exhaust area. Use a plastic or wooden spatula to clean under the deck, then wash with a brush and water. Never spray water on engine components.
  • To clean the underside, tilt the mower so the spark plugs point upwards. If tilted the wrong way, oil can enter the air filter or exhaust and damage the engine. (VIKING 5 and 6 Series mowers are designed to stand securely upright for cleaning).
  • For top performance, check and sharpen blades every 25 working hours.
  • Replace a cracked or notched blade immediately.

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