STIHL GTA 26 warning

Fraudulent websites and advertisements

STIHL GTA 26 warning

We have been made aware that a company using several different names has been advertising a product they are calling a GTA 26 wood cutter on Facebook and targeting people who follow STIHL. They are advertising the product for $24.95.


This not linked to STIHL in any way, and if you place an order with them, you will NOT receive a genuine STIHL product. The image below is an example of the type of product that is being sent out instead of a genuine STIHL GTA 26 pruner. If you do see this advert, please report it as ‘Misleading or scam'. 


Fraudulent GTA 26 garden pruner

Please note that STIHL products are only sold by our network of STIHL Approved Dealers, authorised online STIHL dealer shops and STIHL’s own dedicated online shop

The recommended retail price of the STIHL GTA 26, including battery and charger, is £149.00.

If you are at all suspicious of any providers who are offering this product for a significantly lower price, please contact so the correct action can be made.