Flow modelling simulation

The perfect combination for you, the perfect lubrication mixture from us.

Flow modelling simulation

Know more, make better
Who wouldn't want to see an engine working from the inside? Who wouldn't want to see the flow of the fuel, the spark from the plug, the drive of the piston? Our flow modelling engineers work closely with our designers to help them see just that - and discover new ways of making our engines even better.

Reduce the wear, extend the life
When it comes to engine performance, friction creates wear, wear reduces performance and that reduces engine life. That's why we use flow modelling simulation - it shows us how the fuel mix is distributed in the engine compartment and how it behaves. That, in turn, guarantees that the engine compartment in a STIHL tool is perfectly lubricated and friction is kept to a minimum. Long live flow modelling!

Better by design
By combining state-of-the-art 3D modelling with a complex set of mathematical and physical formulae, our engineers calculate fluid movement throughout the entire engine. And that means they can make sure any lubricant is always exactly where it's needed, keeping everything running beautifully. After all, a perfectly lubricated engine means a perfectly working engine.

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