Displacement force test

You take care of the trimming, we take care of the physics.

Displacement force test

There's steel. And there's STIHL steel
At STIHL, we like to ramp up the pressure. Our hydraulic press for example, can apply 10 tonnes of pressure to the tiniest area, allowing us to test steel compostitons to the max. Our aim? To create STIHL steel, steel that offers that perfect blend of hardness and toughness, one that delivers performance and longevity out in the field.

Only the best alloys make the cut
STIHL steel needs to pass the displacement test. It needs to resist the full 10 tonnes of the hydraulic press pressure peak in one small area - and the longer it holds out, the better. It's a tough task, but it helps us find the perfect material for our cutting tools.

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