Cut protection testing

You look your best, we keep you safe.

Cut protection testing

Windproof. Rainproof. And chainsawproof.
High-tech fibres are now part of everyday life - waterproof, breathable jackets are indespensible if you're spending much of your working day outdoors. But at STIHL, when we talk about high-tech fibres, we tend to mean another type of fabric, a material we hope you will never have to test for yourself - cut protection fibres.

Wearable safety
These fibres are special indeed. Long, thin and extremely cut-resistant, they form separate layers in our cut protection clothing. When a chainsaw comes into contact , the chain teeth rip out the long, tough fibres, which wrap themselves around the chainsaw’s drive in milliseconds and stop the movement. All new models and prototypes are rigorously tested to DIN EN 381-5 in real life conditions - as you'll see from the diagram in our catalogues. In fact, we test all our products to the very highest standards. The result? You can only buy clothing with officially approved cut protection at STIHL.

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