Protective Chainsaw clothing

Be safe with STIHL


No matter the task in hand, safety must always come first. With STIHL chainsaw clothing, cut protection inlays have been specially created for every protective garment so even the lightest outfits offer chainsaw protection. Combining this technology with robust, breathable fabrics, STIHL offers you a variety of protective clothing, which ensure great freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear.

STIHL's chainsaw clothing range includes both Class 1 and Class 2, and Design A and Design C protective clothing, so you can choose the right specification for your job. Whether you are an occasional user or work all day in the forest, we have a wide selection of chainsaw clothing to suit all budgets.

As with all of our machines, we rigorously test our chainsaw clothing focussing on usability, comfort and freedom of movement. We use the latest fabrics to ensure that the clothing is lightweight, breathable and provides protection against the elements and UV rays. Some of our ranges also feature additionally reinforced areas so you can be sure they are hard-wearing even in the most demanding of environments. You can also wash STIHL clothing at 60°C, making it easy to remove stubborn stains like resin.

Our products are inspected according to strict internal criteria, as well as being tested by the most exacting certified European institutes.

STIHL chainsaw clothing is not a substitute for safe working practices – please follow the safety instructions in the owner's manual for both personal protective equipment and power tools.

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