Preparing the saw chain

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One of the main advantages of the basic saw tooth chain is that it can be resharpened with a round file.

An exception to this rule are STIHL carbide-tipped chains which are called "Duro chains". They are particularly wear resistant and their extremely hard cutting edges have to be resharpened with special diamond cutting wheels. Please contact your STIHL Approved Dealer for more information.

All other saw chains can be resharpened relatively easily with the right tools and technique.

When should I sharpen the saw chain?

Even the best quality saw chain wears and becomes blunt after a certain period of use. It is time to resharpen the chain when one of the following conditions occurs:
  • The saw chain does not pull itself into the cut, it has to be forced to cut by applying pressure to the powerhead.
  • The saw chain generates fine sawdust instead of wood chips on the cross cut.
  • Smoke appears in the cut even though chain lubrication is in order and chain tension is correct.
  • The saw does not cut in a straight line. This is an indication of blunt cutters on one side of the chain or irregular cutter lengths.
  • The chainsaw 'chatters' and 'bounces' during the cut. In this case you must check the depth gauge settings.

Preparing the saw chain

Tensioning the saw chain

Identifying the master cutter

Clamping the guide bar

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