Long-term testing favours mulching

Long-term testing favours mulching


  • Consistently denser turf and lusher green with 21 mulch mows per year throughout the growing season
  • Four times more effective than mineral fertilization on the control area
  • The recycled nutrients correspond to exactly the optimum requirements in terms of both quantity and proportions

Good for the environment

Organic nitrogen binding in the mulch material prevents leaching. The nutrients are released slowly, sustainably and evenly. And considerable quantities of fertilizer are saved – that's good for the environment as well as for the wallet.

Mulch mowing promotes grass growth and that reduces the amount of thatch. A lawn that's well supplied with nutrients prevents weeds and moss. The original species composition is preserved. On the fertilized area, on the other hand, significant species shift had taken place after four years, allowing the proportion of thatch to increase faster.