Facts for Petrol Heads

Facts for Petrol Heads

STIHL is one of the world's leading outdoor power tool companies, so they know a bit about power, performance, handling and precision.  

  • Just like a Superbike, STIHL power tools handle brilliantly and power through the work in ultra-quick time. 
  • The British Superbike Championship's Official Track Response Unit uses powerful STIHL blowers to blast dust, dirt and debris off the track, and help clear any oil or fuel spills after an incident.  Their STIHL BR 600 backpack blasts out air at over 200 mph – about the top speed of a Superbike.
  • STIHL launched the world's first ever handheld power tool with electronic fuel injection in 2012.  The TS 500i and now the new TS 480i cut-off saws have no carburettor, deliver 20% more cutting performance and use 15% less fuel than their predecessors. How's that for an advance!
  • The most powerful STIHL engine is fitted to the world's biggest chain saw. The chain saw has a massive 4 ft long guide bar and a 120cc engine that throws out 8.7HP.  This huge saw weighs less than 10 kilos, so its power-to-weight ratio is better than some top performance road bikes.
  • At full speed a STIHL chain saw chain makes a cut in the wood over 500 times per second.
  • Blow away the myths about two strokes engines and take a look at the latest two-strokes from STIHL.  The advanced STIHL 2-MIX engine cuts emissions by up to 70% and fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to a conventional two-stroke without the 2-MIX technology.
  • Making life easier for users, the latest STIHL domestic grass trimmers have a simplified 4-step starting system and these special two-strokes are virtually impossible to flood. 
  • STIHL introduced the world's first two-stroke engine with a catalytic converter 25 years' ago (1988).  The engine reduced harmful emissions by 70-80%.
  • STIHL M-Tronic is another advanced engine from STIHL, and effectively self-tuning.  Its fully electronic engine management system controls ignition timing and fuel supply, meaning the carburettor adjusts automatically to changes in altitude, temperature and fuel quality.  And that ensures optimum engine performance.
  • Like a Superbike, weight is an important factor in a power tool. STIHL chainsaws have used lightweight magnesium engine casings for more than 60 years.
  • Non petrol-heads will appreciate STIHL's quiet yet powerful cordless tools.  STIHL Lithium-ion technology powers a range of seven tools including chainsaws, standard and long-reach hedge trimmers, a blower, floor sweeper, grass trimmers and two VIKING lawn mowers.
  • STIHL is a German, family-owned company with more than 38,000 Approved Dealers in over 160 countries worldwide.  Keeping STIHL innovation at the head of its field, STIHL employs over 500 specialists in its dedicated R&D team. 
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