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Read on to find out what our STIHL employees love about working for STIHL.

STIHL stories

There have been plenty of opportunities to learn and put forward my own ideas at STIHL. When I first started, the training period was very thorough, and overall the work has been varied enough for me to gain a range of different skills. I’ve been able to take on different roles and take on more responsibility since I first started as an intern which is exactly what I was after. 

So far at STIHL I’ve had the chance to be involved in TIMBERSPORTS® Championships, dealer shows, product roadshows, trips abroad and many other interesting and fun events. One of the best parts of STIHL is that we are always moving forward, with new products and projects to get stuck into. The support and friendly atmosphere is also a big part of why I like being here.  

My favourite STIHL product is the BGA 200 cordless blower as it’s a dream to use. When the carrying system is fitted and cruise control is on, it’s hard to imagine how it could be topped! 

Reuben, Product Executive 

STIHL Stories

At STIHL GB, I have been given the freedom to forge my own career path and the company has been by my side to share in the successes and support me when things haven’t gone to plan.  

What I love about STIHL is their commitment to tradition and family values while also embracing social and industrial change; promoting inclusivity and diversity, bringing new, environmentally conscious products to the market and constantly innovating to improve.  

Working for STIHL is like being part of a family. You are given the freedom to be yourself, you are supported and strengths are nurtured. There is no such thing as a weakness, only development opportunities where you are given the tools to be yourself better.  

My favourite STIHL product is the MS 500i chainsaw because we were the first company to market a fuel-injection chainsaw, a demonstration of the innovation that STIHL is committed to.  

Matt, Warehouse Team Leader