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AL 500 Hi-speed charger: For AP System batteries

230 V hi-speed quick charger, recommended for STIHL AP System batteries (can also be used with AK System batteries). With operating mode indicator and active battery cooling. Cable tie with Velcro strap. The charger can be wall mounted if required.

AP System charge times:

  • AP 100 battery in 45 minutes
  • AP 200 battery in 45 minutes
  • AP 300 battery in 35 minutes
  • AP 300 S battery in 45 minutes
  • AP 500 S battery in 55 minutes
  • AR 2000 L battery in 150 minutes
  • AR 3000 L battery in 220 minutes
  • Suitable for all STIHL AK and AP System batteries
  • Safe battery charging thanks to the active cooling system
  • 12 A charging current for very short charging times
  • With a jig for practical wall mounting and cable winding
  • AL 500

    Technical details

    Charging time AR 1000120 min 1)
    Charging current12 A
    Charging time AR 2000130 min 1)
    Charging time AR 3000160 min 1)
    Rated voltage220-240 V

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