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Head protection

Head protection

Protection from debris

STIHL hard hat sets in high-visibility orange can help to prevent injury when working with power tools. They comprise a robust hard hat, a protective mesh of nylon, metal or spring steel to protect the face and ear protection.

Model Helmet material ­ Ear protection ­ Helmet ventilation Price
DYNAMIC ERGO Helmet Set ABS SNR 28 (H:34; M:25; L:18)
DYNAMIC X-ERGO Helmet Set ABS H:35; M:27; L:20)
ADVANCE VENT Helmet set ABS SNR 27 (H: 30, M: 25, L: 18)
ADVANCE X-VENT Helmet set ABS SNR 29 (H: 34, M: 27, L: 19)
ADVANCE X-VENT BT Helmet Set ABS SNR 27 (H: 30, M: 25, L: 18)
NEW ADVANCE X-CLIMB Helmet Set ABS SNR 28 (H:35; M:26; L:16)
Chin strap
Internal rain protection attachment

* Manufacturer's recommended retail price updated as of February 2021. The manufacturer's recommended retail prices are subject to change without notice.

The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.