STIHL recalls TS 440 cut-off machine

TS 440 Recall Zoom

STIHL recalls the cut-off machine of the types TS 440. Products with serial numbers between 183 455 181 and 184 922 291 are affected by this recall.

The serial number can be seen on the sticker on the underside of the product. In addition, it is integrated in the front area of the fan housing and can be seen from below on the side of the electronic water control.

The two V-ribbed belts of the STIHL QuickStop wheel braking system could be incorrectly mounted on the belt pulleys of the affected products. This can lead to a reduction in the braking force and thus to an increase in the brake activation time in the event of a kickback. This presents a risk of safety and injury, especially in the event of a sufficiently strong kickback, particularly if the wheel guard is in open position, exposing the top portion of the wheel.

Users of the affected TS 440 with the above-mentioned serial numbers are requested to stop using these products and contact their STIHL dealer. The products are repaired free of charge via STIHL dealers. This is a precautionary measure taken by STIHL as a responsible manufacturer. No damages have been reported.

Please note, no affected machines have ever been sold In Scotland, England or Wales.

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