Interview at STIHL GB

What to expect if you have been invited for an interview at STIHL GB

The recruitment process can vary depending on the role but we usually adopt a two stage approach to our interview process.

At the first interview you can expect to meet the line manager for the role and a colleague from HR. Here you will learn more about the role and the team and we will want to explore your relevant experience and skills in more detail.

At the second interview you are likely to meet a Senior Manager and see more of our Camberley site. This meeting isĀ a great opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn more about our business.

For some roles there is a skills element to the recruitment process where candidates are asked in advance to conduct an activity relevant to the role i.e. someone interviewing for a Merchandiser role could be asked to demonstrate how they would display showroom stock; for a Sales and Marketing role it could be to prepare and deliver a presentation.

Psychometric profiling is also used as part of the recruitment process for most of our roles.