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Become a STIHL Approved Dealer

Looking to drive your business to the next level? Find out how to become a STIHL dealer and join our team.

We're committed to our network of retailers. From hands-on product training, marketing support, technical training, and dealership development, we give you and your business the tools for success.

The role our dealers play is vital to our business. When you go that extra mile it really means something. You leave customers feeling like they've just had a great buying experience. You made them feel confident in their purchase.

Chances are they'll tell their friends about you, and that means a profitable business. It's that simple. When you make the effort and show passion, customers know and it pays dividends for you and our brand. And that's the level of commitment we're looking for. So if you've got what it takes to become a STIHL Approved Dealer, that's the same level of commitment you can expect from us.

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