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STIHL iMOW® Robot Lawn Mowers

STIHL iMOW® Robot Lawn Mowers

There's a lot more to an iMOW® robotic mower than you might expect.

To help keep those edges and borders in tip-top shape STIHL are offering a free FSA 45 Lithium-Ion grass trimmer with any STIHL iMOW® purchased from your local specialist iMOW® dealer.

As top of the range mowers, STIHL iMOW® robot lawn mowers offer much more than you may expect. Spend time doing the things you love whilst the iMOW® takes all the hard work out of mowing. Not only can the iMOW® robot mower cut your lawn with ease it also provides fully automatic lawn care tailored to your garden and its needs.

Through finely shredding grass clippings and letting them fall back onto the lawn to act as an effective fertiliser (known as mulching), all STIHL iMOW®s help provide vital nourishment to your lawn.

Once the mowing is complete or the battery needs charging, the iMOW® robot lawn mower will automatically return to its docking station. All models come with a 5-year extended warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing)

STIHL iMOW®s with a C in their model name take mowing technology to the next level. These can be controlled via the iMOW® app on either a smartphone or tablet. Easily mow your lawn, change mowing plans or send the mower back to the docking and much more remotely.

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